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Donal Gallagher;

While on a guitar shopping therapy session in downtown LA, we went into a store called Guitar Village, after a few minutes of the other customers blasting the same guitar riff over and over through mega amps, my head caved in and I told Rory I was going outside to feed the parking meter. Inadvertently, I had parked in front of a pawn-shop so, as an excuse to stay out of the ‘cacophony canyon’, I entered the shop to inquire about the Gretsch guitar wedged into their window.

“That’ll set you back $75” the keeper told me from behind his cell like grill, “You wanna look?” “Not sure I can afford it anyway” I haggled, with no intention of buying it but to waste time. “What you wanna spend?” “Around $50” I replied. Unknowingly I left the shop with a rare Gretsch ‘Corvette’ and put it in the car.

“No luck” Rory said when he finally returned to the car. “I picked something up, but if its no good the case will come in handy” I said and showed Rory what I had bought. “You’re kidding, how much?” he asked “$50” I said meekly “Quick let’s get out of here before they find out what they gave you and want it back” Rory said with glee.

The guitar would become a Rory favourite and would travel in Guitar Trunk 1 thereafter.

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