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Telecaster, White

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Donal Gallagher:

“Rory loved this Telecaster, he played it on many songs mainly for his slide playing, on tracks like ‘Sinnerboy’ or ‘Who’s That Coming’ from Irish Tour. One time we were waiting to board a flight while on tour in the U.S. and we looked out the window as the luggage loading vans were driving towards our plane. Suddenly a guitar case fell off the first trolley, and the second van didn’t bother to swerve out of the way it just drove straight over the guitar case, we couldn’t believe it. The ’67 Tele was in the case and the top of the body of the guitar was badly scuffed and chipped. We gave to Chris Eccleshall to fix, who did a lot of work for Rory, maintaining his guitars and amps. Chris thought, as a kind, patriotic gesture for Rory, he would re-finish the guitar emerald green. Though this did not go down too well with Rory who, as you can tell by his ’61 Strat, was not keen on re-finishing the paintwork on his guitars. Thankfully we got it back to a natural cream white colour!”

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