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Released February 18th, 1973

Liner Notes

Album Length
Record Label
Marquee Studios and Polydor Studios, London England
Rory Gallagher
Rory Gallagher
Guitar, Vocals, & Harmonica
Gerry McAvoy
Lou Martin
Keyboards& Guitar
Rod De’Ath
Drums & Percussion


In mid 1972, bassist Gerry McAvoy’s flat-mate, drummer Rod De’Ath deputised for the late Wilgar Campbell and following Wilgar’s ultimate departure Rod became a permanent replacement. After six years of working with the trio format, Rory Gallagher looked to embellish his sound by introducing keyboards into the line-up. Rod who had been a member of the blues band ‘Killing Floor’ recommended to Rory their piano player Lou Martin – who hailed from Belfast. The line-up clicked and remained together for five years during which five albums were released.

The first album is ‘Blueprint’, originally released in early 1973 the cover features the circuit board of a Stramp ‘power baby’ amplifier which was custom designed for Rory in Hamburg.

Donal Gallagher

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