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Released July 1st, 1987

Liner Notes

Album Length
Record Label
Rory Gallagher
Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals & Harmonica
Gerry McAvoy
Brendan O’Neill
Mark Feltham
Harmonica on ‘Don’t Start Me Talkin’
Lou Martin
Piano on ‘Seven Days
Bob Andrews
Piano on ‘Don’t Start Me Talkin’
John Cooke
Other Keyboards


Rory was never a man to sit back and let the world slip by. The 70’s saw him release 10 albums in as many years, work with a great many of his heroes and tour the world. Although his recorded output in the 1980’s was more sporadic he still toured constantly, playing some of the first rock gigs behind the iron curtain as well as cementing his live reputation in Europe and the US.

‘Defender’ his third album of the 80’s, was the first release on his own label. Capo offered him the complete artistic freedom he needed, enabling him to produce the music as he wanted. He admitted “I’m not that organised, but I want anything that I’m doing to be under control, and I want the final say on things”.

At a time when much of the charts consisted of overproduced / synthesiser-heavy music, Rory continued to pursue his own sound, to the joy of his fans. ‘Defender’ released in ’87 went straight to the top of the independent charts, proving whichever way the musical ‘fashion’ shifted, an artist of the calibre of Rory will always shine through.

Donal Gallagher

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