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Live At Rockpalast, WDR Studio L Cologne (1976)

Released January 1st, 2004

Live at Rockpalast, Grugahall Essen (1977)

Live at Rockpalast, Jam Session Wiesbaden (1979)

Live At Rockpalast, Live Music Hall, Cologne (1990)

Live At Rockpalast, Loreley (1982)

Live At Rockpalast, Jam Session, Loreley (1982)

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Donal Gallagher


The very first Rockpalast Night was to take place in 1977 live from Grugahalle Essen broadcast the whole night on Germany's first programme channel, radio and at the same time via Eurovision to the whole of Europe. Rory Gallagher, ex "Taste", came as well enflaming fireworks on six strings, literally seeming to explode. The audience was at first shocked and speechless, then frenzied applause began. Gallagher played, following some passion, the songs of his at the time lastest record "Calling Card". After the concert Gallagher said: "The atmosphere was electric."

Fans beware! This DVD also contains the first three songs of the Rockpalast Gig in Grugahalle, which at the time were only transmitted by radio. Besides, Rory's first Rockpalast gig at the WDR Studio L in Cologne in 1976 is included as well as the jam session of the Irishman with Frankie Miller (Scotland vs. Ireland) in 1979 at the May Festival in Wiesbaden - each of them unique.

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