Album Information


Released October 1st, 1978

Liner Notes

Album Length
Record Label
Recorded at Dierks Studio, Cologne
Produced by Rory Gallagher & Alan O’Duffy
Rory Gallagher
Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin & Harmonica
Gerry McAvoy
Ted McKenna


'Photo-Finish' was so titled because the album was delivered to Chrysalis at the eleventh hour, just (and only just) making the deadline. Rory reduced his band to a three piece removing the keyboards from the line-up and bringing in a new drummer. This album is unique for Rory in that it's Blues influences make way for a more Hard Rock sound. The fact that bands like the Scorpions were knocking around the studio at the same time perhaps could have a bearing on this. One outstanding track on this album is 'Cruise On Out' with it's Hard-Rock-Rockabilly rhythm section, written by Rory with Elvis in mind.

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