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The Essential, Disc 1

Released January 1st, 2008

The Essential, Disc 2

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SonyBMG have released ‘The Essential Rory Gallagher’, to mark Rory’s birthday. The Rory Gallagher Guitar Tablature Book is also published alongside and HMV included Rory in their very successful ‘Inspirations’ campaign throughout their stores in the UK & Ireland.

On the release of the guitar tablature book, Daniel Gallagher writes: “As with all things to do with Rory’s great musical legacy, it’s very hard to decide what to choose for a release and what to leave out. Like the Essential CD we went with a range of Rory’s material that we felt would show his versatility not just as a musician but also as a songwriter. With the same thinking this songbook has been compiled to highlight not just Rory’s master of the guitar and its different styles but also to show what a great songwriter he was. The book contains 14 tracks, we tabbed 20 but had to work to a limit of 128 pages though the other 6 tracks will be available from Music Sales online. The book comes with full guitar tab and notation with chord diagrams, lyrics and melody notation. I think Music Sales have done a great job with us on this and hopefully it will achieve enough success so we can make volume 2 and beyond.

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