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Brian May reveals Queen song inspired by Rory

November 12th, 2018

During the recent interview with UCR, Queen guitarist and mastermind Brian May has revealed the new story about how he wrote their classic song “Tie Your Mother Down”.

He said that the song was inspired by Rory Gallagher. Here’s the story of how he wrote “Tie Your Mother Down”:

“I woke up one morning and started playing this riff. It’s sort of inspired by Rory Gallagher, this business of sort of snapping on and off the strings.

The riff just really appealed to me, and in my head, I could hear this childlike ‘Tie your mother down’ and that’s as far as I got. But I remember sitting there as the sun went down, plugging away at this riff.

I got back with the band and I remember this as clear as day as well – I said to Freddie, ‘Look, I’ve got this really great riff; what do you think?’ ‘That’s really, really cool.’

And I said, ‘I don’t have any words; all I have is that ‘tie your mother down,’ which obviously we can’t use.’ He went, ‘Yeah you can!’

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