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The 9th Rory Gallagher Weekend Fürth 2018

November 27th, 2018

This weekend is the 9th Rory Gallagher weekend in Fürth, Germany!

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What began in 2010 as an idea for a single concert evening at the suitcase factory has meanwhile developed into the most beautiful weekend in Germany for fans of Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher: For the ninth time in 2018, fans from all over Germany and abroad will be celebrating the Music and the life of Rory in the "suitcase"! And this year we have again a mix of old acquaintances that have already occurred during the "Weekend" and bands that have not played in this context: Let's go on Friday, 30/11/2018, with our friends from "Cork" , a tribute band from Turkey! "Cork" may have played at pretty much all Rory festivals and we are very happy that they will be in Fürth for the second time! After that we have the first "new" band: In fact, they have already played in the suitcase factory and completely convinced; At the "Weekend" now they will also gain many new fans - we are talking about the "32/20 Blues Band"! It continues on Saturday, 01.12.2018 with the "Arnie Van Straaten Band"! For the first time in Fürth: fantastic musicians who have the "spirit" of the Irish guitarist in them. We are looking forward to this trio! How to Rory's songs can play completely different, prove once again "Kugler & Waloschik": acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, two voices - more, the two do not need! The conclusion is "Barry Barnes & Friends"! Barry may well belong to the top of the Rory Gallagher tribute scene, if not be this top! For years he has been on the road with Rory, whether as a brilliant musician or as an organizer. At the "Weekend" he already played with "Sinnerboy" and also solo / acoustic. This year he is with Stefan Kugler (bass) and Steff Porzel (drums)! No rehearsals, no preparation: be curious! What would that be "Weekend" without the big exhibition about Rory, with photos, sound carriers, newspaper reports, pictures etc? Again, www.rorysfriends are at the start!

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