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Born On The Wrong Side Of Time

Written By Rory Gallagher

Featured On

Taste, The Best of Taste, Big Guns: The Very Best of Rory Gallagher, Disc 2


  • Born on the wrong side of time,
  • Even your best friend,
  • Is ready, to watch you die.
  • You don't want to live on the street,
  • So you've got to sweat till you're dead,
  • To make ends meet.
  • Born on the wrong side of time,
  • Your days are so cold,
  • That you curse, just something to cry.
  • That you should be living in fear,
  • When you cry out,
  • Your friends just don't want to hear.
  • And you dream, of the day,
  • When the great master time,
  • Will call us .... to his side.
  • And you watch, your brothers,
  • Shake with fear, as they watch,
  • His serpintine .... eye.
  • And you can smell, their fear,
  • As they stand, and curse,
  • The fact that they're .... alive.
  • Born on the wrong side of time,
  • Pretend to yourself,
  • That some day, you'll do just fine.
  • You know that you live through a lie,
  • You'll only find out what went wrong,
  • When the sun makes us cry.

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