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Easy Come Easy Go

Written By Rory Gallagher

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  • From easy come and easy go,
  • Now you're not so carefree.
  • You found the thorn behind the rose,
  • You took it, oh, so badly.
  • Lost inside yourself,
  • You've gotta break out soon.
  • You've gotta try again
  • To hear a brand new tune.
  • Once easy come and easy go,
  • You just hear sad notes lately.
  • You used to fly and chase the wind,
  • I don't know you lately.
  • Don't take it, oh, so bad,
  • Things are gonna change.
  • Don't make it, oh, so sad,
  • The sun will shine again.
  • Please don't lock me out,
  • What's it all about?
  • I'll change it all completely.
  • Won't you let me in,
  • Don't you need a friend?
  • If I can help, just call me.
  • I'm easy come and easy go,
  • Don't paint it all so sadly.
  • Before you know the light will shine,
  • Don't burn out completely.
  • Locked inside yourself,
  • You've gotta break out soon.
  • Come on and try again,
  • And hear a different tune

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