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Hands Up

Written By Rory Gallagher

Featured On

Rory Gallagher, Irish Tour '74, The Beat Club Sessions, The Beat Club Sessions (DVD / CD Set)


  • Hands up reach for the sky
  • And I will tell you why
  • This is just a game I'm playin
  • You won't feel the same I'm betting now
  • Get up you know this time
  • That you made up your mind
  • Think of all the dreams you're chasin
  • Think of all the time you're wastin now
  • My world is upside down
  • My inside is inside out
  • I'm hangin to a leaf that's shakin
  • That’s hangin to a branch that's breakin off now
  • Go out into the night
  • Left to the sky
  • You’ll walk out the shoes you're wearin
  • Might even lose your blues, no tellin now

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